Fair School Capacity Building Programme

Fair School Capacity Building Programme is an Open Educational Resource (OER) series of materials for the training of teachers and educators active in the secondary school sphere, also pedagogists, psychologists, sociologists, and other pertinent school staffs. This training provision is a result of validated solutions part o the project Fair School concept.


Role of the teacher as facilitator

It is the role of the teacher to decide when in the curriculum to use project-base teaching, but the actual work can be co-designed by both students and teachers. By connecting to the interest of the students, teachers stimulate motivation and ownership of the students, adding further to the development of the above mentioned 21st century skills.

Restorative Justice

Historically, Restorative Practice (RP) has grown out of restorative justice. Next to restorative justice, restorative practice builds on other attempts to promote peacebuilding, resolve conflicts and address relational needs in schools developed in the 1980s and 1990s

Social emotional learning

Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) and its teaching has become increasingly important and relevant in the area of education. The implementation of SEL allows the generation of integral training opportunities for students.

Practical Fair School methods

The Fair-School methodology aims to develop and empower students with 21st century skills, addressing issues such as inclusion, discrimination and respect for oneself and others. It uses numerous methods to create opportunities for learning, change and personal growth for all students.