Multiplier event in Malta organised by SOS Malta, Malta


The last multiplier event organised and hosted by SOS Malta as part of the FAIRSCHOOL project was held on March 30, 2023. As the target audience of the project were educators who are in some way directly or indirectly involved with migrant students, SOS Malta took the opportunity to collaborate with the Naxxar Induction Hub, which operates under the management of the Migrants’ Learners unit; the latter is under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation in Malta.

This was also possible due to the long-standing and excellent working relationship between SOS Malta and this Hub. This also explains the choice of venue for this multiplier event, which was held on the premises of the Naxxar Induction Hub. The decision to hold the event there also made it easier for educators to attend the event, which took place during their working hours. The management of SOS Malta believes that this contributed to the success of this event, where the targeted number of participants was achieved.

The selection of educators who attended this event was discussed with the Director of the Hub after Ms. Taylor East and Ms. Schiavone presented the FAIR SCHOOL project and toolkit to the Director (Mr. Jonathan Portanier Mifsud). After this discussion, he determined which educators would benefit most from such an event and, more importantly, would be willing to use the toolkit developed through this project in their teaching. This explains the attendance and participation of the individuals who were present that day.

The participants that day were very enthusiastic to learn more about the objective of the project and especially about the benefits of the toolkit and how it can facilitate their work with migrant students leading also to better inclusion and integration through education. Although Ms. Giulia Zambaldo had resigned from SOS Malta prior to this event, the management of SOS Malta felt that she was the right person to present the Toolkit and give an overview of the developed guide, as the Toolkit was developed while she was still with the organisation, and she was involved in the relevant discussions and development process.

Ms. Zambaldo accepted the invitation from SOS Malta. She presented the tool-kit impeccably and sparked the interest of all participants in the tool-kit – this could be seen in the attention they showed at the event and their interest, which triggered many questions about different sections of the tool-kit. Ms. Zambaldo also involved them in activities related to the tool-kit that the participants enjoyed. This was evident in the discussions that continued after the event, inviting all in attendance to enjoy a networking refreshment.

After the event, the link to the tool kit was shared with the Director after receiving positive feedback from his staff who wanted to use the tool kit and the suggested activities in their classroom.

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