Let's make shools inclusive

The project involves more than 500 pupils in a vast series of pilots implementation with a number of participating schools to validate our approach to an improved empathy, communication, self  advocacy and sense of beloging due to quality relationships and community building


FAIR SCHOOL co-curricular activities for secondary schools is an intellectual output e.g., result, dedicated to the pilot implementation and validation of the FAIR SCHOOL inclusive methodology through co-curricular activities in the secondary schools.

Through two rounds of three-month pilot periods of establishing an inclusive classroom and school, the consortium will gain data and feedback to revise and increase effectiveness of the FAIR SCHOOL methodological approaches and co-curricular activities.

this intellectual output is focused among others on the following co-curricular activities:

  1. Creative storytelling workshops for schools and community dealing with:

– a true story from your own life.

– a true story from the life of someone you know, like a friend, family member, or neighbour.

– a true story from the news or a current event.

– a story that took place sometime in history.

– a fictional story, with made up characters or events.

– an “imagine if …” story that sets up a hypothetical situation.

This activity will allow students to write, illustrate, and tell their own tales and expose their emotions.

  1. Weekly 60-minute class to develop social and emotional learning (SEL) skills consisting of:
  2. a) opening activities e.g.

– visualization to release stress,

– noise isolation,

– name the emotion you’re bringing to class

– write down, rip up, and throw away your stress

  1. b) group sharing e.g.

– circle sharing

– write a rap from someone else’s perspective (rap brings both the poem and the emotions together)

– have a conversation with someone you don’t know.

– play interest and identity-related bingo.


– appreciation, apology, aha

  1. Restorative practices used on the daily basis:

– circle dialogue and circle keeping e.g., every voice heard through “talking piece”

– respecting each one’s experience: the principle of non-interference

– story of the day

– affective statements between teachers and students or peer-to-peer.

– problem-solving anchor chart: “Big deal” and “No big deal”

  1. Collective workshop and individual advices for parents and carers

– awareness building about the shared values, diversity and tolerance based on the restorative practices and SEL approaches tailored for parents.

Work plan

This Intellectual Output is developed in the framework of two project’s Work Packages (WP):

The WP-1, entitled «Design of social inclusion schemes for secondary student immigrants.» under the task T.1.4. entitled «Development of a co-curricular programme». This programme is co-created with a framework on the join understanding of the methodological concepts to be implemented in secondary schools with social inclusion needs.

The programme includes a detailed structure including:

– the characterisation of the role of inclusive tutor in school based on the FAIR SCHOOL methodology

– information about how to implement the FAIR SCHOOL methodology in a secondary school.

– follow-up tools for monitoring the implementation.

The WP4, entitled «Pilot implementation of FAIR SCHOOL scheme in secondary schools.» under the tasks outlined next:

– T4.1 Definition of previous requirements for the pilot implementation in each of the 4 schools participating: Duration, selection of teaches, selections of pupils, feedback monitoring, etc.

– T4.2 Translation of materials to the 4 languages from the participant countries

– T4.3 Develop the two-fold pilot implementation of FAIR SCHOOL activities and resources: amongst pupils and carers. Preparation of raising-awareness video and testimonials

– T4.4 Evaluate the pilot implementation: questionnaires amongst teachers, pupils and parents

– T4.5 Upgrade the FAIR SCHOOL methodological approach and activities.

Leading organisation

Sociedade Promotora de

Estabelecimentos de Ensino Lda

Espinho, Portugal