Multiplier event in Spain organised by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain (agenda available)


This multiplier event consists of national conference titled “Restorative practices for enhancing conflict resolution and pupils’ integration within multicultural school settings?”. The main goal of this event is to disseminate the FAIR SCHOOL project and its innovative methodology amongst teachers and educators, and to encourage them to participate in the online trainings on the FAIR SCHOOL methodology that is available for free.

This event is held in Madrid (Spain) in month 24 of the project lifetime and is organised by the Carlos III University of Madrid in collaboration with the local school.

During these Multipliers Events (ME), the partners present the FAIR SCHOOL project together with its objectives, main activities and expected results and benefits. The FAIR SCHOOL methodology and schemes are disseminated to the wider audience and the consortium introduces its innovative methodological aspects.

Participant of this event:

– National partners of the project consortium

– Associated partners

– Teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, and other school educators from the local schools

– Representatives of teachers’ associations

– Representatives from national NGOs and associations representing migrant children

– Representatives of local public authorities responsible for the primary and secondary education.

For partners and participants, it is a great event of networking, getting to know the project and possible stakeholders and to encourage them to participate in the project activities, especially in the implementation of the FAIR SCHOOL schemes.

The ME are announced on the project website and the information is sent to the project mailing list at newsletters. It is promoted also by the consortium partners among its contacts and on their website, especially by the organisation responsible for this event in order to attract especially local participants. The teachers and educators from local schools are informed and invited.

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